Estate Planning & Probates

Estate Planning
Estates & Probates

An estate is an individual's personal belongings, real estate, and other holdings. When someone dies, his or her estate is divided according to the wishes of the deceased or, if there is no will, left up to probate court. California Estate & Probate Info

  • Step 1: Select your service, electronically sign contract, and submit payment.
  • Step 2: Receive and complete your intake questionnaire online or over the phone.
  • Step 3. Sign documents electronically after we prepare them (except when notary is required).
  • Step 4: We serve, file, or record the documents as needed.

A+ Legal Document Assistants specialize in preparing all types of Estate & Probate documents. We also provide probate services to assist with getting you through the probate process.

Estate Planning

Want to protect your loved ones in the event of your passing and avoid a messy probate? Have an existing trust that needs to be amended? Want your affairs taken care of should you become unable to do it yourself? Makes sure your Estate is in order. We offer package and individual pricing for all estate planning basic documentation. For more information about estate planning click here..

  • Durable Power of Attorney (Financial)
  • Advanced Health Care Directive (Medical)
  • Wills
  • Living Trusts
  • Trust Amendments
  • Real Property Deeds

Probate Services

A loved one passed away and now you are going through the probate process? Our probate service will save you time and money. We charge a flat fee for probating of estates rather than the statutory fees attorney's charge based on the value of the estate. This can save you up to 70%. From petitioning the court for administration to giving notices and other matters of probate; we do it all. For more information about probates click here..

  • Summary Proceeding
  • Full Probate
  • Real Property Probate Sales
  • Estate Affidavits

A+ was a great alternative to an expensive attorney. They did a great job for me. They made the whole process easy and less stressful. Highly recommended!!

Lisa Lynn

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